Letter: Paid sick days pay off for everyone

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The rules which govern the economy should move us towards good jobs, healthy families, environmental sustainability, respect for human rights and access to essential services. Paid sick days are necessary for our public health and workplace productivity and, frankly, just the right thing to do for Maine’s hardworking citizens. No employee should have to choose between staying home to recover from an illness, or to take care of a sick family member, versus losing income or even risk losing their job, which is why Maine Legislators should pass LD 1665, a bill that would allow all Maine employees in a workplace of more than 50 employees to earn paid sick days – this covers over 60 percent of workers who currently lack the benefit.

The timing could not be more relevant. In the economic downturn, families in Maine and around the country are all the more vulnerable. Without sound paid sick day policies, a day out sick could be catastrophic for a family already struggling financially. I respectfully urge our Legislature to do the right thing and pass LD 1665.

Kimm A. Collins
Insight Training & Consultation, Falmouth