Letter: Our elderly deserve affordable in-home care

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America’s elderly population has worked hard over the years to live the American dream. These individuals have worked long hours so they could afford a nice home. Most people retire around the age of 65 and the cost of prescriptions and doctors’ visits grow increasingly expensive. Growing costs and lack of funding for elderly programs makes it impossible for individuals to remain in their homes and community. Our focus should be on creating and supporting funding for programs that help support the elderly in staying in their home. We hear stories of elderly people having to sell their home because they can no longer afford the rising costs of living or because they are alone and feel unsafe. There are a few programs that are private pay that support the elderly in their own home.

Unfortunately, many elderly individuals cannot afford the luxury of living the last of their days in their home that they worked so hard for. Instead they have no choice but to sell their home and move into an assisted-living facility or nursing home. These facilities can be very expensive. This amount of money could be better spent on having nurses or personal care assistants come to the individual’s home where they feel safe and comfortable. If we care about our elderly then we should support funding for programs that provide in-home care and support for them in their home.

Hannah Mihill