Letter: Otten for Maine governor

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As a mother to two children who will be raised and educated in Maine, the upcoming gubernatorial election is very important to their future. An important issue for many Maine families is the ability for our children to find jobs and to be able to stay in Maine and raise their own families. For our children to stay and work in Maine we need to help build small business and encourage larger businesses to come to Maine. Some candidates think the way to “help” small businesses is to give government aid to some that are struggling. Where does that aid come from? It comes from taxing the rest of us. That makes it even harder for businesses to keep offering jobs. With more taxes comes less spending, with less consumer spending comes less growth.

Les Otten has a different solution. He believes that taxes should be cut. This will increase the number of jobs businesses can offer. This is especially important for small and family businesses. Most states no longer have an inheritance tax. Maine still does, making it harder to keep wealth in Maine and harder to pass our businesses along to our kids. Please vote for Les Otten with me on June 8. Then your kids and mine will have the choice to stay and work in Maine.

Kate Norfleet