Letter: Open Highland Lake to all Maine taxpayers

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As I understand it, Highland Lake in Falmouth has been stocked routinely for decades even though access has been restricted. Second, the taxpayers of Maine own the land where the boat launch is located; it’s the one with large boulders that block the way to the waters edge. Third, at taxpayers’ expense, approximately $3 million dollars have been spent in recent years to fund erosion-control projects and to fix the dam that maintains the lake’s water level. Looks like the folks who live on Highland Lake have had a pretty good deal, and for a very long time, courtesy of the state of Maine.

Not so for local residents and fishermen living nearby, but with no access to the lake. This needs to change immediately. Everyone who would like to visit Highland Lake to go boating and fishing should have an equal opportunity to access the lake via a new boat ramp.

Until then, first, stop all stocking of trout and salmon until this issue is resolved. Second, remove the boulders that are blocking access to the lake, as they are on state property. Thirdly, acquire all necessary permits and then build the boat ramp.

Maine residents, taxpayers, deserve better treatment when it comes to access to the state’s lands and lakes. No lake or pond, when it receives funding from the state and is routinely stocked with fish from state hatcheries should have any restrictive access.

Paul. W. Greenwood