Letter: Offer deserved a response from SAD 51

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I support the School Administrative District 51 budget, and I voted in favor of each line item. I also believe the School Board, the superintendent and the school administration have worked very hard to limit the budget to zero growth for two years while maintaining the school district’s goals. However, I was greatly disturbed when Mr. Storey reported the lack of response he received to his very generous offer to drive the boys and girls football and basketball buses for free, so long as the amount of salary he would have been paid was contributed to the athletic budget.

I suspect the answer may have something to do with the union contract, but none of us will know. Mr. Storey deserved a response at the meeting and he and the citizens deserve a response now. I understand that at the budget vote it is too late to debate budgetary details, however, it is not too late to comment and he had a very legitimate comment to offer. Although I am very supportive of School Board and administration, at times there is an air of arrogance that permeates their proceedings that is unnecessary and does not reflect well on anyone. In this time of economic difficulty we are all being asked to volunteer more and I believe that was Mr. Storey’s purpose. It is sorely disappointing to have no response to such a generous offer.

Gregory Smith