Letter: Offended about Falmouth's island 'playground'

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I am disappointed that the town of Falmouth has voted to give taxpayer money to help a “grassroots organization” purchase a piece of Clapboard Island. What percentage of Falmouth residents will ever set foot on our new island property? Not the elderly or handicapped; you must be agile enough to beach a small craft and scramble over seaweed-covered rocks to get to shore, as there is no dock. Not those without boats – only 660 out of 12,000 Falmouth residents have moorings in the town anchorage, about 5.5 percent of the town.

This situation seems to be similar to the little girl who tried “real hard” to sell her Girl Scout cookies, and having succeeded in selling six boxes, three to Mummy and three to Grammy, asked Daddy to buy the remaining 94 boxes. And Daddy, being a big softy, was happy to oblige his little princess.

Senior citizens in Falmouth don’t mind paying taxes to support a great school system, but town funding for a playground that is out of reach of most residents has at least one of us miffed.

Rick Hendrick