Letter: OccupyMaine doesn't represent the 98%

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Just picked up the Portland edition. I can’t tell you how totally disgusted I am seeing a picture of this so-called American burning the flag in Lincoln Park.

Just where did these people get their brains, at the school of Numb-R-Us? Harry Brown states “(The flag) no longer stands for what it once did.” Hello out there: Isn’t what this flag represents is the right for him and others to protest? If he or any other OccupyMainer doesn’t like it here, move out of the country. Brown also states “burning is the proper way to dispose of a flag.” Bull. One other Numb-R-Us comment is from Matt Coffey who states, “If (protesters who will not leave) resist it would look badly on us” and “The media, everyone else is going to lump us all together.” From the very beginning weren’t they all lumped together? Of course they were and they still are. Why didn’t any of his fellow protesters stop him from burning the flag? They are not part of the 99 percent. The 1 percent they refer to are the rich; what they are is part of another 1 percent who act like this, leaving the rest of us as being the real 98 percent.

Howard Spear