Letter: Occupy Wall Street is only the beginning

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The Occupy Wall Street movement is not a passing phenomenon. In fact, war is around the corner and you won’t know it from the news fog machines. First Greece, now Italy, have undergone “regime changes” at the hands of the troika – the financial-banking-speculator overlords who, along with the EU’s emerging super-state, Germany, has fashioned a “coup.” France (President Sarkozy) will be next, I’m told. But what about America and its huge debt, ask the market players? Soon, soon, America will get everything it deserves.

In Europe, nations have lost sovereignty along with their democracy. The 99 percent have fallen and many within that group recognize it. It is only a matter of time before civil wars begin. In America, Occupy protesters are jailed, beaten and criminalized for speaking the truth. The American media takes the side of the authorities. The markets believe that the 99 percent here, having relinquished their constitutional rights already with minimal notice and protest, are sitting ducks.

But make no mistake, it is all about one thing and one thing only: money.

Michael T. Bucci