Letter: Obama motorcade sends the wrong message

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While driving home on Friday evening I was among hundreds, possibly over a thousand vehicles held stationary by state troopers at the Route 9 Jetport intersection for the passing of the presidential motorcade.

Being only two cars back from the intersection I was forced to wait just over 20 minutes for the convoy of nearly 30 vehicles to pass through.

With helicopters flying overhead and engines running on most of the vehicles waiting, there was probably more pollution created at that intersection than when Air Force One took off later that evening.

If our President was truly concerned about greenhouse gas pollution this type of over-the-top behavior of government agencies would and could be reduced without undermining security.

The size, reach and control the federal government now holds over the citizens of this great nation is leading this country not just in the wrong direction but ultimately to ruin and this President is fueling it like no other before him.

When we the people get our say in November a strong message needs to be sent to Washington, D.C., and a change of leadership.

Whoever the next president may be, he or she also needs to know that similar behavior and disregard for the way the government spends our money will result in another one-term president until we find a president, whether Democrat or Republican, that understands that they work for us and not we for them.

Paul Carey