Letter: Obama energy policy will hurt Mainers

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I’m wondering if politicians in Washington, D.C., know what it’s like up here in Maine? Folks are hunkering down for winter, filling their oil tanks and preparing to stay warm for a few months. But it’s not easy, not with the way oil prices have gone in recent years.

What’s really scary is that it could get worse fast if some of President Obama’s schemes turn into law. Trying to bring in new revenue on the backs of the oil and gas industry is a fast track right back to $4-a-gallon oil and gas, and you and I both know Mainers can’t afford to have that.

What we should be doing is exploring more natural gas options, like the pipeline. But instead, Obama is trying to pay for more entitlements and social pet projects like solar, by slamming our American job creators with more taxes and eliminating important deductions that keep them competitive in the global market.

We can’t let this happen. I have too many friends, family and neighbors that are already desperate during the winter season – we just can’t afford a change that will make it even worse.

Justin S. Brownwell