Letter: Noting Beem's Obama reality check

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Edgar Allen Beem is a man to be commended (“The Universal Notebook: Is there hope for Obama?”), but he also used The Forecaster as a political tool in 2008 and 2012 while he was drinking the Kool-Aid. He forgot his constitutional duty as a member of the free press to fully investigate both sides and present the facts in a non-partisan manner. He is right that President Obama let the banks get all the TARP money while unemployment is at record highs, the U.S. Treasury is borrowing $85 billion monthly, our children and grandchildren will be straddled with debt, we are on the verge of a stock market correction and a double dip recession because the banks failed to redistribute the money to the people. The descendants of the sons of the American Revolution have known for many years that politicians cannot be trusted with our money or power, and would tell Mr. Beem “if pro is the opposite of con, progress is the opposite of Congress.” Obama is no different than any other, in fact, the record is open that he may turn out to be far worse. Welcome to the team, Beem.

Daniel Lycan