Letter: Nothing to fear but fear

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After reading Mr. Marstaller’s letter in your Aug. 2 edition, I was struck by something. Why are so many “conservatives” afraid of things? It seems that everywhere I look I hear or read of “conservatives” telling people they need to fear this or that or telling us how much they fear something. Why are all you folks so afraid? Do you like living in fear? Do you like having a irrational emotion rule your lives?

Here is a thought. Try being adults for a change. Try growing up and not being afraid of the monster under the bed (BTW, they do not exist). We progressives do not fear things. We rejoice in the unknown. We revel in learning and accepting that others think differently than us. We have no fear.

Perhaps “conservatives” would find life and the world a much better place to live in and not spend so much time worrying about what others are doing and cowering in fear all the time.

As we tell the children, “don’t be afraid, it is not going to hurt you.”

Darren McLellan
Cape Elizabeth