Letter: North Yarmouth takes wrong approach

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It appears that history is repeating once again with discussions of moving North Yarmouth Town Hall into a third new location in 15 years. Perhaps the planners should have realized the present location would so quickly be outmoded.

The idea that the town could vote to repeal the renovation passed in 2014 is less than palatable. Why do we continue to propose, vote, reject and start anew over and over?

A greater concern is the discussion includes three separate properties: Westcustogo Hall, the Town Hall campus and Memorial School. Nowhere in these discussions has anyone suggested that these properties be appraised to determine their real market value. The town could find that, for example, the school property could be sold outright for a good amount of money. That would then increase the options for addressing the other two projects.

We need to realize that North Yarmouth is going about the process backwards. The town is not in the development business. But it could be argued that they are in the zoning business.

So rezone and sell the property. You can get the greatest return to the citizens, then apply those funds to construct what is necessary.

Doyle Marchant
North Yarmouth