Letter: North Yarmouth plan ignores Grange pact

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I was president of the association that gave Wescustogo Hall and $20,000 to North Yarmouth in 1997. Negotiations with the Board of Selectmen decided that 65 percent of the property would permanently be a Village Green. We specifically agreed to rebuild if the hall was destroyed and after 25 years, hall use could be changed by town vote. Town Meeting approved the agreement.

Weeks after the hall burned two years ago, Selectmen Mark Girard met with me and asked if Grange members were flexible in how the hall was rebuilt. I said yes, but said members would not support using the fire insurance money to renovate Memorial School into a Town Hall.

Question 1 ignores the agreement, the wishes of the Grange, and does not rebuild the hall. In seven years the town may even sell our property. Grange members overwhelmingly urge voting no on Question 1 and yes on Question 2.

Lincoln J. Merrill Jr.
North Yarmouth 

  • Richard

    Question 1 ignores the wishes of the Grange agreement along with the infrastructure costs to support the “development” family & senior housing – expanding emergency services, housing emergency services, no school in town creates uncertainty similar to what our Pownal neighbors faced this year with their kids. No seniors will move in without those services, no families will move in without in town schooling. Voting yes on 1 decreases property values, increases taxes, ignores an agreement made all those years ago with the Grange.

    Vote no on 1.

  • MajorGuelth

    I just read an interesting letter sent to the press herald site that brings up a good point regarding these referendums. Someone in the comments expanded on them, but I wonder if any of the parties would address how these referendums would impact schools, first responders, traffic and other resources shared with other towns. The schools up here are well known to be some of the best, would such an increase in headcount make it harder to maintain that level of quality?