Letter: North Yarmouth needs development alternatives

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Architectural renderings and yellow signs dot the North Yarmouth landscape, indicating another vote is coming. One could assume this solves all of our needs. But if the North Yarmouth Middle School redevelopment proposal is the right fit, why did more people voice concerns about it at both town forums than in favor of it? What about the community petition of 300 residents that tried to add an alternative proposal? Are we being asked to settle because people want to move on from the discussion? Whatever the case, I know we can do better as a community. Don’t think about the past 50 years of our town, think about the next 50. Review the facts, think of the future, and don’t be sold with the only proposal we have to vote on. Let’s see what a town planner could bring to the table.

Patrick Gilligan
North Yarmouth 

  • Watchful Eye

    The problem with all of this became evident last fall when the Economic Development and Sustainability Committee pushed their agenda so hard they forgot to tell the truth. The ol’ Maine saying’ “it ain’t what you say, it’s what you leave out” was never so evident. The town avoided a huge mistake that would have cost us in more ways than one. The EDSC hasn’t gone away. They have morphed into a form attempting to bring a new tiered plan to the table. Led by former selectman Steve Palmer, they are trying to counter the current plan.

    The other group which includes the Vote No group plus Jim Moulton want the new school proposal so badly they will do anything to get it. This includes coercion. Not kidding.

    The real problem is there is no official with real leadership ability to guide this process. Alex Carr has shown some leadership but he was stymied by the lack of cooperation by Palmer and others on the board. Thank God Palmer is gone. Jim Moulton had a chance to do some good but he took the low road.

    I agree with the EDSC group..can’t believe it. The current plan is not well thought out. It’s just a plan. Something. If these two groups would just sit down and REALLY explore what this town needs there would not be such divisiveness. People in the town are tired of the BS. They want to move on. Instead we keep getting groups of people who cannot play in the same sand box….and could a real leader please send up a flare so the town knows there is one. Somebody..Anybody..Beuller?