Letter: No room for vandalism in Falmouth campaign

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Recently I noticed that a political sign on Lunt Road in Falmouth has been vandalized. The sign opposes Question 1, and has been spray-painted to the point of illegibility on one side.

I am a volunteer with the Yes on 1 campaign. I speak for the entire campaign when I denounce this vandalism. The Yes on 1 campaign does not agree with the sign – particularly its incorrect suggestion that there is a pool associated with the plan – but we oppose vandalism and think honest debate is a better way of working out our differences.

Unfortunately, this is not the only instance of vandalism in our town. Last week someone actually chopped down two wooden signs that were posted at the Falmouth Memorial Library. These were heavy-duty signs mounted on substantial posts, so the act took some serious work. The signs were handcrafted by one of the library trustees, and simply announced a schedule for library tours. They did not explicitly advocate for Question 1. They merely invited residents to come see for themselves why the library board voted unanimously that the library needs to move. It’s disappointing that even this polite, apolitical gesture incited a violent act.

Clearly this referendum has generated great passion in our town, both for the Town Center proposal and against it. I invite people on both sides to remember that we are all neighbors in this fine town. The only physical act necessary is marking a ballot on June 14.

Martha Elbaum Williamson