Letter: No respect in North Yarmouth

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I have noticed that the town fathers are lamenting the poor turnout for North Yarmouth Town Meeting. I did not attend because I am tired of the perceived lordliness of the selectmen. They claim to want more participation, yet treat those who try to do just that as a vexatious nuisance.

At one time I was very involved with the town and attended all the board meetings, but quit after being chastised by a selectman after I spoke before them and suggested that they have a responsibility to speak on behalf of the town’s citizens regarding the ever-increasing school budgets.

I already knew that they have no legal authority to affect the school budget, but as the town’s taxpayer representatives they certainly have the moral authority to speak up regarding the ever-increasing school costs. What I don’t need is to be treated with disrespect.

It is this buck-passing and “not-my-job” attitude that government uses to constantly ratchet up our tax bills. I will no longer participate in town issues as long as I perceive we taxpayers are treated as the enemy to be brow-beaten and taken advantage of at every opportunity.

Respect is a two-way street and this board shows little of it toward its citizens. People dislike being talked down to, and much more can be accomplished by a civil attitude than a condescending one. This is a lesson not yet well-practiced in our fair town.

George A. Fogg
North Yarmouth