Letter: No plan for tar sands? Don't believe it

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The current PR campaign by Energy Citizens illustrates how it’s not just profit that motivates Big Oil’s push to bury the truth about its plans to pump tar sands through Maine for export to overseas markets.

No, it’s arrogance as well.

It’s arrogant to diminish efforts by citizens to that of “anti-energy activists.” We are Mainers whose lives are impacted by the decisions of outside corporations. And we “activists” rely on fossil fuels, and are not so naive as to believe we can simply shut it off. It’s just that we believe there are more sustainable alternatives that should be embraced.

It’s arrogant to claim that Energy Citizens, a front group backed by the American Petroleum Institute (lobbying arm of the oil industry, fighting climate change legislation), is here to “educate and empower citizens.” If you want real truth, go online and type “tar sands” in the search engine. You’ll learn that tars sands is not “just oil.”

It’s arrogant to claim that Portland Montreal Pipeline’s plan to reverse the pipeline was “non-existent” last year, even though PMP “voluntarily surrendered” its final state permit relating to an “existing” plan to reverse said pipeline, as well as construct two 70-foot volatile combustion units. How can you surrender a permit for a plan that doesn’t exist in the first place?

Why is Energy Citizens spending all this time, effort and money to convince us of all these “facts,” if there’s no plan?

Because there is such a plan. Search online, and follow the money.

William Duffy
South Portland