Letter: No on 1 is Falmouth's real gamble

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Voting yes on Question 1 provides Falmouth with an invaluable chance to shape our future. As a former town councilor, I am surprised by the tone and position of some of the opponents of Question 1 in Falmouth, many of whom I normally consider to have sound business judgment and strong community spirit.

They have described it as some sort of “game of chance.” Maybe, but think about it. Our town was incorporated in 1718. We have been in business for close to 300 years and I fully expect us to be here for another 300. Selling valuable real estate near the commercial center of our town and turning our back on an investment in our future is shortsighted and simply bad business judgment. If we do not save these properties and seize this opportunity now, we will never have the finances or courage to purchase anything comparable when (not if) we need (not want) it in the future.

Already the development of the Plummer-Motz/library plans and the campaign in support of Question 1 have built community across traditional party, ideological and generational lines. Voting yes on Question 1 is a vote for the future and that has always been a good bet in Falmouth.

Richard P. Olson