Letter: No need to worry about kindergarten in Yarmouth

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In response to Edgar Allen Beem’s “Kindergarten blues,” I was born and raised in Yarmouth, and I’m from a family of educators. I had a great experience going through the Yarmouth schools in the 1980s and ’90s, and I returned to Yarmouth to raise my own family because of the school system’s excellent reputation.

I worried about my son going to kindergarten. I worried a lot. My son is an active boy, younger than many of his peers. I worried about the length of the school day. I worried about the academic expectations. I worried he would be forced to sit still for too long. I worried he wouldn’t get a chance to play.

I wish I hadn’t spent all of that time worrying.

The students play on the playground several times per day. They have movement breaks inside the classroom. They often have gym class twice per week. They have quiet time and free choice time. Besides all of the traditional academics, the staff spends a great deal of time discussing, modeling, and practicing good behavior with the children.

It has been such fun to watch my son begin to read and to hear all of his fantastic stories from the school day. I know I am fortunate that he has loved every day of his school experience so far. I am also not naive. I know there will be many ups and downs over the course of his education, but so far, I give the Yarmouth School Department an A-plus.

Kate Shub

  • EABeem

    Kate, it’s not Yarmouth I was worried about, it was Yarmouth I checked out to compare it to the school I am worried about. I do believe we push kids to fast to learn top read and write however.

  • Kate Shub

    Hi Mr. Beem. What I didn’t have room to write is that I know you are not alone in your frustration. A simple internet search of kindergarten will bring up hundreds of articles about what’s wrong with kindergarten today. You’ll find hundreds more on why some parents are starting their kids at six instead of the traditional five. I shared all of those concerns for my little guy before school started. I can’t speak for what life is like at other schools, but I can share that I’ve been so pleased with Rowe so far. They have high expectations, but they also let our kids be kids. I know how fortunate our family is to be at Rowe, and I will never take it for granted. Our family has had a great experience, and in a world filled with bad news, I thought it was important to share something positive. Thank you for the response- my best to you and your family.