Letter: No need for a bully in the Blaine House

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The story of Gov. Paul LePage’s blackmail of Good Will-Hinckley at the expense of House Speaker Mark Eves has caused an uproar among Maine citizens and legislators. The incident has sparked a petition signed by 20,000 Mainers to have LePage recalled or impeached, a rally outside the Statehouse that attracted hundreds of people, and a nonpartisan investigation into LePage’s alleged transgressions, approved unanimously by lawmakers of both parties in the Government Oversight Committee. LePage is now the subject of a civil lawsuit by Eves and is faced with the very real possibility that the people of Maine will turn on him completely. While many have agreed that this incident crosses the line, it is only the latest in a string of actions by the governor where he has rewarded his friends and punished his enemies at the expense of taxpayers.

For the same reasons we both loathed and feared the schoolyard bullies of our youth, we both fear and despise LePage for his discrimination and nepotism. A bully should not be allowed to control the highest office in the state. We cannot let ourselves continue as taxpaying pawns in his games. Now that the chance has arrived to remove LePage from office, it seems only fair for us all to embrace it.

Polly Shaw