Letter: No free ride in Falmouth

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Please vote no on Question 1 relating to the Falmouth library move to the Plummer/Motz-Lunt site, which includes other costly items to Falmouth residents. If anyone truly believes this is a freebie (“tax neutral”) then I have a bridge I’d like to sell them.

Our real estate taxes are already poised to increase in November by a minimum of 4.6 percent mainly due to cost of the new grammar school and the budget our extravagant School Board saw fit to recommend without regard to the burden it places by way of increased taxation. Most cities and towns, and our state are reducing spending, not increasing it.

We residents shouldn’t be burdened by further potential tax increase. The validity of the so-called “net zero” cost of the project is seriously flawed. Taking a $1.5 million from our rainy day fund (which is taxpayer money) is not “net zero” funding. To the contrary, it’s spending our money raised by taxation. Give it back to us if it’s burning a hole in the council’s pocket.

Have we ever had a property tax decrease in Falmouth? I don’t think so. Does anyone think the economy is sound? Does the inability of the federal government to control runaway spending not scare and concern you? It does me. I’m very worried about the direction of our state, town and country and the inability to curtail the spend, spend, spend mentality.

Ronald A. Hart