Letter: No excuses for LePage's pattern of abuse

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It can be said the governor of Maine is approaching a breakdown. In a terribly short span of time, he would have a cartoonist shot, have Lewiston lawmakers rounded-up and executed in the public square, has exercised abuse of power threatening a cut-off of state funds to a private charter school if they hire a former political nemesis, etc. The nightmare of Maine undergoing national mockery and disgrace has continued and several voices in the House have now called for his impeachment.

I never hated Richard Nixon, who chose resignation over impeachment, and I don’t hate Paul LePage, who might someday face the same choice. I disdain only their politics. No one is completely wrong or completely right, but politics is no friend to one who answers public criticism indignantly, or autocratically defies the will of others. Government is not an arena within the private sector.

If Democratic leadership continues to excuse LePage’s long history of abusiveness by ignoring calls for impeachment or an independent investigation, believing he acts inside the scope of his authority, their inaction is contributory neglect and their tolerance of abuse is enabling.

Indeed, they would prove themselves no better at governance than he.

Michael T. Bucci