Letter: Newman ignores India's caste problem

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Perry B. Newman’s gushing column on India’s education system leaves out a few important points. India’s exceptional performance over the past two decades is amazing and can largely be attributed to the strength of India’s traditional family values. The divorce rate is less than 2 percent and educators at all levels are among the most respected professionals in all of the Indian subcultures. Teachers are expected to teach, while all of the responsibility for disciplining and preparing children to succeed academically rests squarely on the parents’ shoulders (much like the USA prior to the 1960s).

India has several geopolitical Achilles’ heels, but none will be more damaging to its future role in a civilized world than its existing caste system. When India’s families decide to follow the written law that forbids discrimination based on caste stratification, India will certainly be the greatest nation in its hemisphere.

Leo Soucek