Letter: Newman accurately describes economic ills

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I believe Perry Newman’s commentary on “How to ruin an economy” was right on target. His common-sense approach on describing what ails the economy is what we need to read more often, and I think it’s time to define Wall Street as it truly is: an adolescent.

Sure, adolescents have the desire to explore new ideas and energy to seek their fortunes, but what happens when adolescents don’t have clear limits on their choices and behavior? They take risks to find their own limits; such as driving as fast as a car will go, or standing in front of a train to see who will jump out of the way last, or diving off the highest ledge into shallow water, or lying with anyone, anywhere at any time to prove some zealous capacity for virility or femininity, only to end up disabled, diseased or dead at a young age. A Wall Street without limits will simply continue a mindset of greed, exploitation, and extreme risk that was not part of the principles set forth by our founding fathers.

We must protect our hard-earned nest eggs from those within Wall Street that grew up with few limits or values, seeking to enrich themselves with clever ways to cheat or make choices that devastate our funds and betray our trust in the stock markets.

Randall Scheid