Letter: New Scarborough school is the wise choice

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Building a new Wentworth School in Scarborough is a matter of spending wisely once, or spending inefficiently multiple times.

The existing Wentworth costs us every year with Band-Aid solutions for a building that ultimately needs to be replaced. The building is not meeting current standards regarding asbestos, mold, and radon. There are no sprinklers in 75 percent of the school – can you imagine the insurance costs associated with a building full of children who are not nominally protected? Or the outcry if there is ever a tragedy?

We are also spending 46 percent more to heat Wentworth than other schools in our community. Geothermal energy is estimated to reduce heating cost by 40 percent, and takes market volatility out of the budget equation. A courtyard design means more windows, more natural light, and less energy costs.

Let’s buy once, rather than spend millions now and have to spend it all over again and then some in a few years’ time. Vote for a new Wentworth.

Emily Read