Letter: New councilor off track already in Falmouth

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During the recent campaign for Town Council in Falmouth, I though one of the reasons Chris Orestis gave for running was because he didn’t think the council represented the views of the residents of Falmouth and that some councilors were pursuing their own agendas. So I was surprised to read in the July 28 issue of The Forecaster that Councilor Orestis said he thought it was clear during the referendum that both sides supported having a community center at the Plummer-Motz site.

“I think our town spoke and that community use is important in this,” he said. “I think it needs to be in there,” when discussing his desire (agenda?) to insert language in the request for proposals that some of the property remain in civic use.

Huh? I thought the referendum for a community center went down to defeat?

Boy, it didn’t take long for him to change from campaign mode to a councilor with an agenda.

I voted “no” on Question 1, and I don’t appreciate my vote being twisted as support for a community center.

The Town of Falmouth owns enough property. It’s time to sell what we don’t need.

Dan Maloney