Letter: Need, not gender, should rule the day

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John Balentine in his recent column (“Here’s Something: Women suffer when bathrooms are unisex”) gives proof that analysts on the right are as capable of broad societal stereotyping as are those on the left. He harkens back to the days when men were men and women were women, and Caitlyn Jenner and her like had not yet thrown the world of natural bodily functions (and identity) into disarray. Their use of our litigious society to grant access to public toilet facilities is cast as the catalyst for disruption of potty parity.

From Balentine’s perspective, all women are naturally tidy and driven to clean up restrooms. I question why the feminine urge to neatness then requires sisters to clean up after whom? Are all men gross despoilers of their side of the partition? 

Particularly disturbing is his willingness to equate transgender quest for equity in a society that has made slow and often grudging progress toward inclusiveness to secure, public toilets. Our trans brothers and sisters wish only to be afforded the broad range of acceptances that define American ideals.

A modest proposal seems in order. Re-designate public restroom facilities as “toilets” and “urinals” and let need and freedom of choice carry the day. And, also, many thanks to Balentine and the legions of other custodial technicians who work hard to make our society a more welcoming place to be whomever.

Larry Dyhrberg