Letter: Murry for Falmouth School Board

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Chris Murry Jr. has been a loyal and honest friend since I met him nine years ago. Chris grew up in the Falmouth school system and served as the student representative on the School Board when we were in high school together. He took his position seriously and contributed heavily. And I know that if elected to the board this summer, Chris will serve our town with integrity and brilliance.

Chris has a deep belief and strong conviction in eliminating waste in our school system. And Chris knows how vital our school system is for preserving Maine’s land, air and water. For example, the new green cafeteria program initiated in our high school eliminates the waste of purchasing disposable silverware and land-filling waste. Chris knows that improving our bus system can decrease fuel costs and reduce pollution. And he has many more ideas for improving our school system while reducing our property taxes. Anyone who knows Chris Murry knows that he is passionate about our school system, honest about his convictions and capable of improving our school system by reducing waste. And that is why we should elect Chris Murry Jr. to the School board on June 8.

Eliav Bitan