Letter: More than meets the eye at Falmouth library

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Like many new parents I started using Falmouth Memorial Library as a place to visit with my young child. But it wasn’t until I started volunteering at the library that I realized the value of what a good library can contribute to a community. Every day I enter the library I see home-schoolers, student research, community meetings, authors, business people and programming. I see the staff working hard to make use of the library easy for everyone.

By most appearances our library is a great place, but when you look close or volunteer you will notice what is missing: lack of storage, lack of staff space, a flooded moldy basement, competition for meeting rooms and no space for new technologies. With investment in an expanded and updated library our community has the chance to build upon one of the most fundamental services any town can offer its community.

Betsy Tod, co-president
Friends of the Falmouth Memorial Library