Letter: Moody fails the bagel-shop test

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Edgar Allen Beem writes: “Moody is not his own man. He has no ideas and no idea what he thinks” (“Primary post-mortem: Trouble ahead”). I witnessed evidence of this.

Sitting with friends in a local bagel shop, I saw Moody with a few people, one of them a popular local right-wing radio pundit with close ties to the Maine Heritage Foundation. I’ve had experience with him when fighting off a giant Walmart proposed in the heart of a Westbrook residential neighborhood. He’s intelligent, well-spoken and fully in LePage’s (and Trump’s) court.

During this bagel summit, Moody sat quietly with blank expression as the radio pundit spoke. Moody was getting his marching orders and campaign grooming from his political handler. When my friend pointed Moody out to me, I thought he must be wrong, as the man looked vague and obsequious. But indeed it was Shawn Moody, “political outsider” and puppet of “political insiders.”

I beg Alan Caron and Terry Hayes to drop out when needed to block this blank-stare-of-a-man from becoming governor. As with LePage, more people will die and sicken for lack of medical care and food security, among other travesties.

Anna Wrobel