Letter: Mitchell for governor

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No stranger to work, Libby Mitchell used to ride along with her “traveling salesman” dad, and when he opened his own store she sorted shelves and waited on customers. Along the way she had many jobs, including being a peach sorter and working for a jewelry store.  As a camp counselor for the Fresh Air Fund, as a teacher, as a woman who achieved her law degree in her 60s, she has always demanded the most of herself.

Chosen by her colleagues, she became the first woman speaker of the House of Representatives in Maine and 12 years later was elected president of the Senate. Libby Mitchell knows how to work hard, how to forge workable solutions with her colleagues across the aisle to achieve goals, and she surely knows how to multitask, which is why you won’t find simple solutions on her website, but you will find toughness and commitment.

She says that she rejects “the false choice between good-paying jobs and a pristine environment.”  I believe her.  She favors preschool education in the public system and has a plan to pay for the program. She is practical, hard-working and gets the job done. My vote is with her. Remember a vote for the independent candidate is a vote for the opposition.

Mary Graham