Letter: Michaud, not Cutler, spoils the election

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Clever ploy by columnist Steve Woods (an admitted Michaud supporter) to paint Eliot Cutler as the spoiler when it’s Mike Michaud who is the spoiler (Intentionally Unreasonable: “Please, Eliot, ‘don’t be a Cutler'”). Head to head, Cutler beats Gov. Paul LePage handily, whereas Michaud comes up short versus LePage. Cutler was in the race long before spoiler Michaud jumped in. All you Dems out there: Believe it or not, lots of Republicans are unhappy and embarrassed by LePage, and either are, or will vote, for Cutler. Pull that choice and all those votes go to LePage, creating an even bigger hole for Michaud. Cutler is not only the best candidate for Maine, but the only one who can beat LePage.

Ben Pearson