Letter: Michaud isn't about scoring political points

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As I watch the 2014 gubernatorial election devolve into a finger-pointing session about debates, it’s hard to believe this is what Maine wants or needs in the next governor.

It’s sad that our governor, the state’s most effective spokesman against domestic violence, is also the state’s biggest bully. And I’m still not convinced that Eliot Cutler, who spent his career in New York City, Washington, D.C., and China, knows enough about Maine people.

I’ll support the only candidate who understands Maine’s hard-working people and will bring them together: Mike Michaud, who worked in a paper mill for 29 years, brought people together to work successfully in a state Senate that was evenly divided between Democrats and Republicans, and reached across the aisle in Congress.

We need everyone in Augusta working for us, not fighting for political points. Join me in voting for Democrat Mike Michaud.

Mike Feldman