Letter: McDonald's 'blanket statement' goes too far

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I think it’s admirable that The Forecaster makes an effort to present to your readers both liberal and conservative views. Although I lean more left than right, I enjoy reading both sides of issues.

That said, what I don’t enjoy are blanket statements negating an entire group of people’s beliefs. A statement such as that made by Julie McDonald in the Oct. 17 issue: “For the past 60 years, progressivism has destroyed cities, families and the American ideal.”

Is she kidding? Does she really not want child labor laws? Does she really not want workman’s compensation? Does she really not want a minimum wage? These laws have “destroyed cities, families and the American ideal”? What does she think the American ideal should be? Children under 10 working for pennies, with no protection from workplace hazards?

If she does not like my “blanket assessment” of what she wrote, then maybe she should be a bit more careful in the way she says things.

Peyton Higgison