Letter: McDonald-Smith fails to back up her claims

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Julie McDonald-Smith’s The Right View column, “Numbers don’t lie, but Democrats do,” I hope only interrupts, rather than ends, The Forecaster’s record of responsible opinion pages discourse.

McDonald-Smith accuses Democrats of lying five times without providing an example. Democrats running well to the right of Theodore Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower, and Richard Nixon, as has been observed of that feckless party’s candidates for years now, are, she asserts without evidence, purveyors of “the lie that is progressive Marxism,” whatever that is supposed to be.

Democrats would “create a government-run nanny state that raises your kids for you from cradle to college.” With what would she dispense? Food stamps so children can eat? Child-care assistance so single mothers can work? Head Start? Government (taxpayers’) support of education? Aren’t local nonpartisan elected citizen school boards, not the Democratic Party, responsible for creating “the little progressive cloning operations” she decries? Have not both major parties voted for all of these? McDonald-Smith settles for mere assertion.

Now, she pontificates, our minority-chosen governor can continue to work to eliminate welfare fraud, when the only notable fraud taxpayer millions have discovered in four years was his no-bid contract with a company that met its charge with massive plagiarism, as it previously had, and he paid anyway – exhibit A of her champion’s consummate irresponsibility.

Of course, McDonald-Smith does not go near LePage’s refusal of health care to 70,000, consigning many to death, suffering, skipped drug doses or meals because his ideology trumps Congress, president, and Supreme Court.

William H. Slavick