Letter: McDonald-Smith can't tolerate religious freedom

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I wonder why Julie McDonald-Smith is so intent on insisting that our country is a Christian nation (“An Independence Day gift from the pulpit,” The Right View, July 6).

Is she so insecure in her own beliefs that she needs to buttress them via relegating others to second-class citizens? Maybe she feels that would make her stance more valid? She is already free to believe whatever she wants, as we all are. We have not “taken God out of our country.” We have allowed everyone to decide for themselves how much god, and which one, if any, to worship. So why worry?

I suspect that she can’t tolerate real equality of that freedom, and seeks to place her own beliefs above others. Fortunately, in this country, government is not allowed to favor her religion, or anyone else’s. That’s what freedom of religion looks like.

Nancy O’Hagan