Letter: McDonald column is on 'the right track'

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After living in Brunswick for several months, I canceled all my newspaper subscriptions, turned off my TV forever, stopped talking to my neighbors. Obviously, I wasn’t in tune with my neighbors, 100 percent of the Bowdoin professors, 50 percent of the Bowdoin students, the environment, all religions, Putin, the Boston Red Sox-Bruins-Celtics, Harry Reid, same-sex marriage, Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts, divestiture of fossil fuel investments, etc., etc.

I could not stand one more minute of reading about or listening to another “liberal” Democrat, or for that matter, another “far-right” republican.

At the laundromat the other day, I picked up The Forecaster, out of curiosity. Another liberal newspaper? Regurgitate – no, wait. I read Julie McDonald’s “The Right View” column.

Can it be true? Some newspaper columnist actually sounds “sane”? Thank you. You’re on the right track by hiring her. Maybe other newspapers will realize that they should stop writing/talking/reporting about the “extremes”and the “horrors.” And, maybe, just maybe, you’ll find more middle-of-the-road conservatives out there than you thought.

Looking forward to her next column.

Virginia Domhoff