Letter: Marriage is a union of different genders

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Marriage brings the two halves of humanity together to bring forth the next generation. That’s what marriage is. That’s what marriage does. Marriage is so much more than merely the public recognition of a committed relationship for the benefit of adults or the desire for public affirmation.

If marriage is not intrinsically about bringing the two sexes together – if you take away the procreative aspect – marriage becomes “anything you want it to be.” Where does that lead us?

When I think about the importance and impact both my husband and I have uniquely and individually on our child, it is crystal clear that gender matters and that men and women are not interchangeable.

This is not an argument about homosexuality or gay rights and whether we accept them or not. It’s about preserving an institution that, like it or not, is what’s best for our children and our society overall.

Mary Conroy
North Yarmouth