Letter: Marcoux's experience wasn't unique

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I have never seen a stronger, more courageous piece of opinion in your paper than Dana Marcoux sharing his 1970s experience (“‘Out’ in Maine: How people, times change”).

I can relate. I am a Jewish American who had to endure hate during the same time Dana did, just for another reason. Before Hebrew school on a regular basis, we would have to physically fight before going to class, and during the fights, the name calling got worse and worse. The anti-semitism was just as bad as a gay man being bullied and harassed. All these actions are morally wrong. In some cases criminal. We should never let this to happen again. We all should realize the true weakness of a person that may disagree with our religion or sexual orientation while using verbal abuse and physical force. There is no tolerance in my life for it and that kind of hate could be better used in a much different and positive way.

Dana, you have done well and get my respect 100 percent for sharing detailed and maybe hurtful truths about your life. I ask God to bless you and others that have gone through similar difficulties and pray to try to end these kind of hateful actions. Let us hope that all who read this letter will also agree with us.

Jeff Deletetsky