Letter: Many advantages to North Yarmouth Question 1

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North Yarmouth has the chance to enhance rural character, pursue economic and development, and replace Wescustogo Hall. This chance won’t return. Sell the school? The building is forever gone.

Imagine a village where citizens interact. Streets with flowers, sidewalks, seating – all saying this is a nice place to live.

Imagine a senior community, where people walk to the village and the municipal campus to attend exercise class. This community within a community gives residents the chance to downsize, to age in place.

Tax increment financing offers the opportunity to renovate the school through taxes assessed on new property. TIF taxes are withheld from school and county assessments and will reduce the disproportionate share we pay to School Administrative District 51 and Cumberland County.

Imagine a municipal campus that serves all needs of the town: offices, meeting rooms, kitchen, stage, gym, playground and field.

Vote yes on Question 1, no on Question 2.

Steve Palmer
North Yarmouth