Letter: Manchester renounces outside interest groups

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I would like to thank Cumberland for hosting “Meet The Candidates Night.” As the Republican candidate in Senate District 24 I appreciate the opportunity to allow the public to meet the candidates. Making an informed decision on Election Day is critical, but all the more difficult for voters when special-interest groups produce doctored photos and fuzzy facts. Most candidates are disappointed and frustrated by the negative propaganda distributed by special-interest groups. My opponent has been a victim and I watch with dreaded anticipation to see which special-interest group may have sent out an ad in favor or opposition to me. I hope everyone understands that whenever a candidate approves and pays for an advertisement it says so. If it doesn’t, we did not approve it. I am dismayed to see outside interest groups resort to these levels. I do not condone this type of campaigning. Let’s take the character bashing out of politics and stick to the facts.

Cathy Manchester