Letter: Mainers deserve an explanation from Sirocki

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State Rep. Heather Sirocki of Scarborough should explain her decision to garner support from the local and national offices of ACT for America for her bill to end female genital mutilation (“Scarborough legislator’s bill backed by purported hate group”). I am disappointed in her choice to work with a group that openly discriminates against Muslims, decries people of Islamic faith as un-American and pushes for anti-Muslim legislation across the country. Hate breeds hate. Additionally, there are already severe penalties in the U.S. and Maine that cover FGM, making this bill redundant.

I asked Sirocki if she wanted to come out and admonish the group for their discriminatory rhetoric (giving her the benefit of the doubt – maybe she didn’t know the group’s track record), but her response was that I just don’t understand. I find her response condescending and smug. I would appreciate Sirocki responding publicly to inform us if she feels that hate groups have a place in Maine or if she has any regret for working with this group.

Barbara Price