Letter: Maine should warn cell phone users

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My husband was diagnosed with a brain tumor at the age of 34. Two weeks ago we testified at our state capital to get warning labels on cell phones in Maine. I have researched this for a little over a year now and I am disgusted with what has been hidden from the public. It is a shame the Energy, Utilities, and Technology Committee voted against the labels, especially after two top-notch scientists warned them there was an increased risk of developing a brain tumor with long-term cell phone use. Other studies have shown sperm and genetic damage as well as cognitive problems. Most independent long-term studies show cell phone use causes brain tumors. What more does our government need? The “shoving it under the rug” can go on for so long. The cell phone victims are piling up and our voices are getting louder. It is time for our government to step up so innocent people don’t die from this horrible disease.

Did you know your cell phone manual contains language advising you to keep your cell phone away from your head and body? We are simply asking lawmakers to inform their constituents by placing the advisories that are already hidden in cell phone manuals in a more accessible place, such as the cell phone itself, so the public knows the recommendations made by the cell phone manufactures on proper cell phone use.

Kristen Cobb