Letter: Maine Senate needs independent Woodbury

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Maine’s serious challenges mean we need to elect candidates looking for common-sense solutions. District 11 Sen. Dick Woodbury, U-Yarmouth, has worked with Republicans and Democrats to craft sound policies. We can use more of his non-partisan approach to addressing Maine’s problems.

Dick is running against a leader of the effort to restrict voter access in Maine this past year. This cause was advanced by a party boss to “fix” a problem (voter ID fraud) that simply did not exist. Chris Tyll was the “principal officer, primary fundraiser and decision maker” for the political action committee working to impose these voting restrictions. The League of Women Voters and Maine’s largest newspapers called the changes unnecessary and harmful to voter participation. Fortunately, Maine voters rejected these misguided voting restrictions.

We need a state senator with the judgment not to play games with the voting rights of Mainers. Please join me in supporting Dick Woodbury.

Jeff Sommer