Letter: Maine PUC isn't doing its job

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This letter is in response to your article on a class-action lawsuit against the PUC because of the forced installment of smart meters (“Maine opponents of smart meters take case to court of last resort”).

The PUC is not doing the job it is paid to do: provide protection to Mainers who pay their salaries and arbitrate when disputes arise with utility providers and customers. There is so much evidence worldwide with regard to RF health problems, as well as security threats to user privacy that merit a full-blown inquiry. It boggles the mind to see and hear the disinterest and see the lack of concern by PUC members, some with notable ties to those causing the harm to all of us.

I have two close friends that began having health problems as soon as the smart meters were installed on their respective properties. Both now have advanced cancer. I consider the actions by the PUC members insidious in light of all the information and studies that have become available.

Further, being forced to pay $12 a month to protect one’s health and privacy from a utility sets a precedent for all kinds of interference with our lives and well-being. Will that mean that we will be paying protection charges for future corporate utility acts?

Loretta Turner