Letter: Maine has had more than enough embarrassment

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What I find curious and disappointing is that the bulk of the population and its politicians appear to think that we deserve a governor who has no control of his emotions and, as such, his actions.

Toronto, Canada, thought more of themselves when their mayor was jettisoned than it appears the leadership of Maine does.

What level of embarrassment locally and nationally is too much for the political leadership and population of Maine. Do we think so little of our present and future, and ourselves?

Sydney Duck

  • Charles Martel

    Aw, poor little snowflake. Please don’t melt. You would explode, too, if the press placed a daily target on your back. You’ve said nothing about the crass and degrading portrait of LePage as a Klansman which, we know who have studied history, was the militia for the Democratic Party.

  • Deb Swift

    Maybe our politicians need to get the message that Paul LePage says out loud what many of us are thinking. We are tired of professional politicians. We are tired of paying and paying for people who refuse to do for themselves. There should be no welfare. There should only be workfare. Everywhere I see help wanted signs. I don’t mind helping people who are doing for themselves to live a decent life. Why are foreigners given thousands in vouchers from the city of Portland to buy cars? My family pays the taxes for that but we drive cars that are more than 10 years old.