Letter: Magazine gets well-deserved slap from Woods

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I agree with Steve Woods’ Intentionally Unreasonable column last week (“No time for swimsuits, and other cold thoughts”) and I particularly appreciate his comments on the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. I am not a sports fan and have never purchased an SI, but I agree that the Swimsuit Issue has evolved over the years into an intentionally unreasonable objectification of women. Thank you, Mr. Woods, for expressing your thoughts so articulately and in a public forum, and for canceling your support for this magazine. I have always wondered what sport these women are part of that would explain their inclusion in a sports magazine. I get it that the readers enjoy looking at women in little clothing presented in sexual suggestive poses, but I also take offense with the sexual objectification of women. For those who enjoy that kind of entertainment and titillation there are other magazines that fill that niche.

Linda Morris