Letter: Library op-ed wrong about cost to Falmouth

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Last week,  M. Roberts Hunt wrote an opinion piece for The Forecaster. And while I appreciate his perspective on the library expansion project, his assertion that, “If the library can’t raise its 50 percent, the town will be out of pocket over half a million dollars,” is simply not true. Should the library fall short in its fundraising efforts, the town’s out-of-pocket liability is capped at $150,000. That’s half of the pre-construction costs of $300,000, and consistent with the 50/50 requirement as outlined in the agreement with the town. The library would then, out of its own funds (not taxpayer money), repay the $285,000 borrowed for the purchase of the abutting property. Of course, an easy way to raise those funds would be to sell the abutting property outright and return the proceeds to the town, but I, like the Falmouth Town Council that unanimously voted to support the library expansion project, hope that’s a bridge we’ll never have to cross.

Jim Hauptman