Letter: Liberal backlash threatens gun owners

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I am constantly amazed at the liberal view of gun ownership and our Second Amendment Rights. (See last week’s letter by a North Yarmouth liberal.)

A “crazed lone gunman” – most are found after the fact to have given off many clues as to their mental instability – strikes, and the liberals suddenly want to ban the millions of honest gun owners from certain guns and/or magazines. The hysterical cacophony begins with each loony incident and rather than identify, adjudicate, and humanely lock up these lunatics who so often clearly pop up on the radar before they act, the liberals scream for violating the Constitutional rights of some 80 million gun owners. Doesn’t that seem backwards?

Instead of exercising common sense that would benefit 99 percent of us (detect, lawfully adjudicate and lock up the dangerously insane) our inverted thinking politicians and leftist liberals dictate the “only solution” by gutting the rights of the honest and sane 99 percent of our citizenry. We can’t possibly hurt the rights of the homicidal maniacs, now can we?

As if the over 20,000 gun laws already on the books were not enough lets add another and solve our problem. That should help, shouldn’t it? Rather than deny a few nuts their rights not mentioned in our Constitution, let’s deny the rights of nearly a third of our citizens, whose rights are clearly spelled out in the Constitution. That ought to do it, don’t you think?

George A. Fogg
North Yarmouth